CD pressing

There are two different ways of producing a CD.
Copying or pressing. We at Skivfabriken can help you with both options.

We do all the CD copying ourselves in our factory in Falkenberg. We also print the most popular CD cases in our own print shop which gives us great flexibility and short delivery times of about 4-5 working days.

For CD pressing of discs, delivery times will be slightly longer, so expect a delivery time of about two weeks as opposed to 4-5 days for copying.

Skivfabriken is Sweden’s fastest supplier of CD pressing and ensures that you have your production within 10 working days after approved proofing. If you need your discs faster, take a look at the CD and DVD copying option, where you can get your discs in as little as 3 working days.

We at Skivfabriken help you with personalized service from order to delivery so that your production runs smoothly and well.

If you need help with producing originals for your pressing, we are happy to help you with this as well.

Delivery time on CD pressing

After approval of the original, the records are delivered to you within 10 working days.
If you want the discs faster, go to
CD copying

Price of CD pressing

Take a look at our online shop. There we have listed the prices and delivery times for our most common productions

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We will help you all the way with your disc pressing

When pressing CDs and DVDs, delivery times are slightly longer, so expect a delivery time of about two weeks, as opposed to 4-5 days for copying.

Today, there is no CD pressing and DVD pressing in Sweden, but we cooperate with Europe’s largest and best supplier of pressed discs and can thus offer you the highest quality of these products. We want to emphasize that there are big differences in quality between different presses in Europe. The factory we work with has been chosen with great care to match our and our customers’ high quality requirements in terms of print quality, paper choice and capacity.

When you order a pressing from us, we keep all contact with the factory. You get personalized service from us in Sweden and we help you all the way so that your production is as you intended and delivered on time. We check your originals and print files and help you if anything needs to be corrected to suit the printer’s requirements.

If you need your discs quickly or are in need of smaller series, you can print and copy CDs and DVDs in our Skivfabrik in Falkenberg with only 3 days delivery time.

Pressing or copying, what is the difference?!?

There are two different manufacturing methods to produce a CD or DVD. Copying or pressing. We at Skivfabriken can help you with both options. We do all the copying of records ourselves in our factory in Falkenberg. Disc copying is a faster and more cost-effective production method for smaller series of 10-1000 pieces.

However, if you want to produce larger volumes of your CD or DVD production, we recommend that you press your edition. With the CD press, there is a higher initial fee, but each copy is much cheaper and therefore this method of production is worthwhile for larger volumes (from 1000 pieces).

The advantage of copying CDs is that delivery times are very short and there is no need to order large quantities. So if you are in a hurry to get your records out, copying is the fastest and safest way…

Below we have chosen to describe the different methods of manufacturing CDs and DVDs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the address below:

CD copying

CD-Rs (‘Compact Disc-Recordable’) are writable discs on which information can be stored using a so-called ‘burner’ or CD writer. Data is stored on the disk using a more powerful laser that burns the information into the disk by applying a layer of ink to the laser beam. The information can then be read by a normal CD-ROM drive.

CD copying uses blank professional CD-Rs, with a white printable surface. The discs are fed into a dedicated CD robot, which consists of a number of CD burners and a printing unit for printing CDs.

The CDs or DVDs are fed into the various burners and burned in a similar way to how you burn a CD on your own computer. After a disc is burned, it is verified to ensure that the copy is identical to the original. If the record is approved, it will be printed with the chosen print.

CD pressing

Nowadays, CD press is cheap. Particularly with larger volumes, you get a very low unit cost.

The reason that CD pressing is cheap is that it uses a production method that is based on first producing an original for the discs, a so-called glass master. This involves an initial cost that is more expensive than copying, but if the series is larger than 500 pieces, CD pressing is usually the cheapest method of producing CDs and DVDs.

The glass master is then used as a forming press to press the sheets. The advantages of pressing discs are that the quality is very good and the production costs are low once the volume is reached.

Collaboration with Arvato Digital Services, formerly Sonopress,

We currently work with the company Arvato Digital Services, formerly known as Sonopress. Arvato is a company of Bertelsmann AG and was founded in 1958 to Bertelsmann’s music club and music label company, Sonopress became the world’s second largest replicator of optical discs. Sonopress has factories and sales offices on all five continents, primarily serving customers in the music, software, and gaming industries.

Don’t forget to notify the NCB

To be allowed to press a CD production with us, you must register your edition with NCB. You can find more information on this on the page How to report to the NCB.

Pressing CDs or DVDs in Sweden

There is currently no supplier that presses CDs and DVDs in Sweden; all CD factories that make CD and DVD presses are abroad.

There are some presses in Europe but there is a big difference in quality from the different presses in Europe and we at Skivfabriken have tried many different suppliers of pressed DVD and CD before we chose to cooperate with Arvato Digital Services formerly Sonopress.